go2 S1 n plural goes
2¦(your turn)¦
3 make a go of something
4 £3/$50 etc a go
5 on the go
6 something is a go
7 something is (a) no go
8 it's all go
9 have a go
11 all the go
1.) ¦(TRY)¦
an attempt to do something
'I can't open this drawer.' 'Here. let me have a go .'
On the tour, everyone can have a go at making a pot.
I'd thought about it for some time and decided to give it a go (=try to do something) .
I had a good go (=tried hard) at cleaning the silver.
at/in one go
Ruby blew out all her candles at one go.
I'm not sure it will work but it's worth a go .
2.) ¦(YOUR TURN)¦
someone's turn in a game or someone's turn to use something
Whose go is it?
It's your go.
Can I have a go on your guitar?
Don't I get a go ?
3.) make a go of sth informal
to make something succeed, especially a business or marriage
Nikki was determined to make a go of the business.
Many businesses are struggling hard to make a go of it .
4.) £3/$50 etc a go informal
used for saying how much it costs to do something or buy something
At £3 a go, the cards are not cheap.
5.) on the go informal
a) if you have something on the go, you have started it and are busy doing it
Even with three top films on the go, Michelle is reluctant to talk about herself.
He has at least two other projects on the go .
b) very busy doing a lot of things
Children are always on the go.
6.) sth is a go
AmE spoken used to say that things are working correctly or that you have permission to do something
The trip to London is a go.
7.) sth is (a) no go
spoken used to say that something is not allowed or will not happen
The hotel is no go for dogs.
8.) it's all go
BrE spoken it is very busy
It's all go around here.
It's all go in the commercial property market.
9.) have a gospoken, especially BrE
a) to criticize someone
You're always having a go.
have a go at
Will you stop having a go at me!
have a go at sb for/about sth
Mum had a go at me for not doing my homework.
b) to attack someone
A whole gang of yobs were standing around, just waiting to have a go.
c) to try to catch someone who you see doing something wrong, rather than waiting for the police
The public should not be encouraged to have a go.
BrE energy and a desire to do things
There's plenty of go in him yet.
11.) all the go
old-fashioned very fashionable

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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